Karoline Schreiber’s Eraser Collection

this is a collection of erasers. Not any old erasers, but the tools of other artists. At first glance, they look astonishingly, even disappointingly, like those objects that lie carelessly around on our own desk. But wouldn’t each of us immediately recognise our own eraser amongst all these colourless lumps and wornout remnants? In deepest respect for the work of others and in awe of the mystery of artistic creation, these small sculptures have been brought together, like tiny fetishes that are still soaked in the sweat of the creative hand, so that she always has them close by as inspiration, muse, good spirit, intercession, amulet– or whatever she wants to call them. No longer missing. Always there.

Alexandra Barcal, 2023

Eraser collected by Karoline Schreiber
Editors: Vieceli & Cremers
ISBN 978-3-907384-10-7

148 x 200 mm
88 pages
limited to 100 ex

2nd edition;
148 x 210 mm
88 pages
limited to 100 ex

Concept and design: Vieceli & Cremers
Text: Alexandra Barcal
language: English
Photography: David Aebi

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Phone Drawings

Phone Drawings is a selection of 16 drawings from a huge body of drawings that the artist calls "automatic" because they are created intuitively, without a goal and out of automatism. In this, of course, she also refers to ecriture automatique. Whenever she can, she takes out her sketchbook to draw in it. Because she also makes phone calls from time to time, there are also a lot of phone drawings, from which a small selection has now been compiled in this zine. Many of us are familiar with telephone drawings; most of them are ornamental scribbles, but in Schreiber's case they are mostly strange figures and figurations that are in surreal interactions and transformations.

16 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w Photocopy
First Edition 2023
100 Copies


Nieves Verlag
, Zürich, 2023
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Pathological High Mood

Pathological High Mood is a selection of 15 drawings from the ongoing series Drawing Account. The series gathers its material from the account balances of the unconscious from the sub levels of the mind, with their abundance of resources.

20 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w Photocopy
First Edition 2019
100 Copies
Nieves Verlag
, Zürich, 2019


Fingers like Toes

Artist monograph published on the occasion of a major survey exhibition in summer 2019 at the Haus für Kunst Uri.

232 pages
650 illustrations
165 x 220 mm
Hardcover half cloth
German / English

With text contributions by Barbara Zürcher, Martin Glauser, Mirjam Fischer and Yasmin Afschar

Design: Anja Lutz // Book Design
The Green Box, Berlin 2019
ISBN 978-3-941644-07-6
EUR 38,00


Letzte Nacht (Last Night)

Artist book, which includes an excerpt from the daily automatic drawings, as well as paintings and dream texts.

468 pages
420 illustrations
120 x 160 mm
Hardcover, Linen
German / English

With texts by Sarah Merten und Samuel Herzog

Design: Anja Lutz
The Green Box, Berlin 2015
ISBN 978-3-941644-78-6
EUR 29,00